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Flight Instruction

Fremont Flyers Flight Instruction


At Fremont Flyers we want you to enjoy your flying in a safe and fun manner and the best way to do that is to get some knowledgeable help when you are starting a new challenge.  That challenge could be just starting out in the hobby or taking on a new discipline or style of flying.  Perhaps you want to learn about upgrading to a "Gasser" or Giant Scale.  Maybe try flying Aerobatics/IMAC, Warbirds/ Scale, 3D, XA (Extreme Aerobatics), EDFs or Turbines.  Our goal is to help you find good guidance in whatever you want to do.  We have a wealth of knowledge and skill in the Fremont Flyers as well as a network in the region and across the country that we can use to find your answers.  Keep an eye on our calendar for clinics, seminars and practice sessions as well as Fun Flys, Fly Ins, Open Houses, IMAC Competitions and more.

Fremont Flyers is also rich in experience with building, ARF assembly and aircraft setup.  We have some outstanding scratch builders and fabricators here and many folks flying Micros, EPP foam, EPO foam, Basic Balsa and High Performance Balsa ARFs and Composites with Electric, Glow, Gas and Turbine power.  

Below is a listing of the club instructors, the levels that they teach, type of power and the style or disciplines.

Please see many resources, videos and tutorials at the "Document Library" under "Home/ Resources" above.


Nick Crego 603 702 5440-

Beginner- Advanced/ Electric, Glow, Gas/

Helicopters, Quads


Mike Fiorito 978 973 4467-

AMA Intro, Beginner- Advanced/ Electic, Glow, Gas, Turbine/

Basic, Scale, Jet, EDF, Pylon 


Daren Hudson  603 674 5809 (club Pres.)-

AMA Intro, Beginner- Advanced/ Electric, Gas/

Basic, Scale, Gliders,Aerobatics, IMAC (IMAC "One Stop Shop Info."), 3D, XA, EDFs


Ray Lake  603 770 4573-

AMA Intro, Beginner- Advanced/ Electric, Glow, Gas/

Basic, Gliders


Roby Prentiss 978 388 7473 (club safety officer Petersons)-

AMA Intro, Beginner- Advanced/ Glow, Gas/

Basic, Scale, Gliders, Warbirds