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Fremont Flyers has a history of being a fun, laid back, relaxed RC flying club with a diverse mix of flying abilities, styles and interests.  We strive to maintain a "drama free zone" and urge members to exercise open communications.  The club has several instructors available at various times to help beginners through advanced pilots (see "Flight Instruction" under "Our Club").  Fremont Flyers is very fortunate to enjoy two great flying facilities, Peterson's Farm and New England Dragway.  See "Flying Fields/ Location, Maps" for details and location.  With two different facilities we have some rules and guidelines unique to each field.  However, since we are an AMA sanctioned club the AMA Safety Code prevails at all our fields. The gates at the Dragway and doors on the sheds at both fields have combo locks, combinations are provided to members.  Other common guidelines include:

Frequency Boards-  Becoming a novelty but if you are operating on 72 MHz please announce your intentions and put a pin or member card on the board. It shouldn't be hard to miss that long chrome antenna!  2.4GHz does not present any problems with multiple operations but you should announce your intentions to fly just the same.

Pit Areas- The pit areas are equipped with setup tables for assembling, starting and tuning aircraft prior to flight.  When operating in the pits with running engines and electric motors it is critical that everyone stay aware of prop and rotor "danger areas"- the extended arc of the prop or rotor.  Aircraft should be placed on the table with wings against the uprights. Large aircraft should be restrained on the ground ideally with the help of an assistant.

*When tuning the engine or removing a glow ignitor come from BEHIND the wing with your hand, DO NOT REACH OVER PROP!  When lifting plane off table or raising the nose for a runup be mindful of the prop arc.  A runaway or broken prop is going to fly up, away and to the right of the plane and can cause fatal injuries!  Electric planes should have throttle cutoff switches that prevent "throttle bumps" from causing inadvertent startups.  If not so equipped a rubber band holding the throttle gimbal back will help.  Batteries should not be plugged in until ready to fly.

Pilot Positions-  In general are the "deadlines" (imaginary line that flying does not cross) where pilots stand to fly.   We leave the number of planes in the air at one time up to the flight line pilots.  If you are not comfortable flying with multiple planes in the air communicate to the other pilots for a turn.  Again, common sense and communication should prevail.  At all fields and a good safety practice anywhere, anytime- NO intentional flying over the pit areas please!

Peterson's Farm Field-  As you approach the field you will see a large gate that attaches at the pole with rebar running into a hole and a rope that wraps around the wire fence and hooks on.  It is IMPERATIVE when livestock (cows) are near the gate they must be kept inside.  The best way is a two person operation where one opens the gate and shoos the cows away and keeps them away while the driver brings the car in, then the gate is closed behind. THE GATE MUST BE CLOSED AT ALL TIMES. The cows will move out of the way of slow moving vehicles.  As you drive in you will see a "classic" grass RC runway located in a pasture. You may see cows milling around or a mobile chicken coop, they won't bother you once inside the fenced area. Because of this unique arrangement there is an electric fence surrounding the runway and pit areas.  There are gates (three wire system) in the middle of the pits and near the shed.  The switch for the fence is located on the left side of the shed and when on an audible click should be heard from inside the shed. There are instruction signs for the fence on the shed and on the pit entrance gate. Note, the cows are not in "our" pasture area all the time and the farm owners know that this field is used primarily on the weekends and plans accordingly.

Flying at Petersons is generally to the north of the runway over the pasture area (watch out for the pine tree in the pattern! No, we can not remove it, we've tried!) and not as far as the farmhouse- overflying the farmhouse and horses on the road is prohibited.  If there are glider operations or multiple operations you may fly to the south of the runway over another pasture area.  When using this configuration communication is critical when entering a pattern for landing or preparing to make a pass or do aerobatics or 3D over the runway environment. 

New England Dragway-  As you enter the facility our gate (with combo lock, combo provided to members) is located to the right before you get to the office or spectator gate.  The "dragway" is a unique facility and offers several options for flying at different times of the year.  As of June 2015 we have moved back to our original site at the dragway. Flying during the regular season (Apr-Oct or snow cover) normally occurs to the  East (As you look to the right entering the dragway entrance, see site link above for google map.)  The pit area is near the small pond to the East). After passing through the locked gate and closing behind you. NOTE this lock and all locks that we use at the dragway are "lock on lock" with the dragway's locks.  They MUST be left locked this way for emergency vehicles to access those areas.  Drive straight along the dirt road.  Follow that to the right around the tree lined small pond circling counter clockwise to the pit area.  This will avoid the runway and anyone flying.

*Winter Ops- In the winter we can fly off the parking lot area adjacent to the drag strip or our normal area depending on snow cover and accessibility.  The management usually plows one road along the strip for access and we fly off the snow pack in the lot facing East.  Access this route through the main gate straight ahead as you enter, passing the white office to your right.  This gate also has a club combo lock locked to a dragway key lock.  Same rule applies- it must be "left lock on lock".  Thank you.

*Race Season Restrictions-

During regular race season (Apr- Oct) flying is limited to the East location (RV parking and normal FF pit area) unless on the odd chance the parking lot is free of vehicles including parked trailers in the way (at risk of contact!).

There shall be no flying in the parking lot area when any vehicles are positioning in the lot for a race or trailers are parked in the way at risk of being hit.  The management normally asks drivers to park their RVs and trailers in the North area.  However, during some large events our flying areas are blocked.  This is the arrangement we have with our gracious host for letting us use the facilities as they do.  Flying recklessly or over vehicles is a serious breach of our policy and could put our relationship with the dragway at risk and could result in removal from the club.  We respectfully ask that all pilots use good judgement and when in doubt err to the conservative and not fly.  We have a wonderful benefit of an additional flying field 10 minutes away at Peterson's Farm. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Fremont Flyers Officers

Dragway Race Schedule

This should give you a good idea of how things work at our two facilities. 

* We ask that your first visit to either facility be with a club officer, instructor or a member to answer any questions and show you around. The club officer, instructor and member contacts are located under "Our Club". Thanks

We hope you enjoy the club!

See you at the field