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It's easy!

*Note- If you are accessing this page from our Mobile version you will need to go to "Document library"

to download the "Fremont Flyers Club Brochure and Application" or "Fremont Flyers Member Application" Thank you.


1. Express an interest - contact us through email "OUR CLUB/ CONTACTS/ OFFICERS", stop by one of our fields (Petersons- busiest  on weekends, Dragway- midweek mornings) if you see anyone introduce yourself.


2. Fill out a Member Application - follow instructions on the application.


3. Join AMA- Academy of Model Aeronautics- this is the organization that provides liability insurance (and more) and is required to fly at any AMA sanctioned club field or event.  The hyperlink will take you to the AMA website where you can join and learn more.

          Option- The AMA Intro Pilot Program- Basically a try (with one on one instruction) before you buy, one time 60 day program for new pilots to fly without an AMA membership but requires filling out a form to be held on file at the club and AMA for insurance.


4. Pay Club Dues, see application for dues schedule.


5. Attend a meeting to meet and greet with officers and some members.

     *Meetings in season are at Peterson's field the 3rd Sat at 9:00am, May- Aug. Flying after the meeting.

     Off season we commonly meet at Tellys Restaurant, Epping, NH, 3rd Mon at 6:30pm,  Sept, Oct,Nov, Mar, Apr. 

     Check calendar and emails notifications.


6. Please take a look at our FIELD OPERATIONS policies.


7. WELCOME, See you at the field!