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Public Resources

Public Resources

Fremont Flyers is happy you decided to visit the site.  We are proud to promote not only our club but the Sport/ Hobby of Radio Controlled flight.  We offer these links and resources to you as visitors to help answer your RC questions. 

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These links will bring you to one more link and description. Just click on the hyperlinks

*Please understand that some links within the documents do go out of date from time to time.  The content is the primary goal of these "public resources".  We apologize for any inconvenience.

*NOTE TO MOBILE USERS- The hyper links to inter website documents do not work on mobile devices. 

If hyperlink fails look for document title in the "Document Library".  Thank you.


"What's it all about" - a flyer that is used at our events for spectators to give an overview of Radio Controlled Flight for the uninitiated.  It answers many typical questions about the hobby/ sport.

RC Resources for Kids Programs - Flyer geared for kids and teachers when we do school programs or have interested young people.

Multi Club Setup Clinic rev 1- The Power Point presentation primarily focused on electric setups. Goal- to get you in a safe, reliable plane to enjoy for many hours of fun.   Rev 1 March 2014.  Look for possible updates.

"Drone" aka "Multi Rotor" buying guide from Best Buy  This link provided to us by a fan of the website who, with his mom benefited from the "Public Resource" content.  Thanks for paying it forward!  That's what it's all about.

Electric Theory and Watt Meter Basics- A Video from "Flight Test" guys Josh and Josh

Lipo Battery Basics- An Article about Lipo Battery theory

Parallel Charging LIPO batteries -  (Scroll down page to guide) I have to give Twisted Hobbys credit for this link.  It is based on their new JST balance parallel boards but the theory and guidelines can be used for any parallel charging. *Safety Caution- NEVER charge LIPOS unattended and a 1C (1x the total mAh rating of all batteries charged in parallel) is the safest recommend rate of charge.  Parallel charging must be of same cell count (Voltage)- no mixing different cell counts on the same board. There are many videos available on You tube as well. Buddy RC is a reliable supplier of quality charging boards and Lipo batteries (Glacier) and supplies.  

Lipo condition calculator- An interactive online computer uses internal resistance measurements to determine condition

Gassers for Newbies- Powerpoint presentation for those new to gas with pros/cons and techniques

Prop Power Calculator- a Download for an Excel Spreadsheet interactive prop/ power calculator.  There are others also- Google!

Performance Aerobatics- Part 1 of 2- Cody Wojcik, a guide to plane choice to setup and more

Performance Aerobatics- Part 2 of 2- Cody Wojcik,a guide to plane choice to setup and more

RC Flight School Setup Manual- looks like a great manual for sale by David Scott

The Role of a Spotter

See and Avoid Video

IMAC- "One Stop Shop"- What is it? Reference links, Video Tutorials and Instruction